Vehicle History

1975 Kawasaki 175 Enduro


I rebuilt the engine and rewired the whole bike for a high school shop class called Power Mechanics. This bike actually had a slick oil injection engine with a two-cycle oil tank. No mixing gas and oil. :)

1978 Yamaha 650 Special II


A 2 cylinder 650 without electric start. Kick starting this puppy used to be fun.

1970 Buick Skylark 350


My first car. Paid $300 for it, and it broke the rear end the first winter I had it. With a junk yard rear end, it lasted a few more years and was pretty reliable.

1971 Plymouth Cuda 383


Bought with no motor or trans, it was my first engine install, a used 383 where a 340 used to be. With 3.91 gears, this car was quite fast. Sadly, the used 383 threw a rod, so I parted it out and somehow even came out ahead.

1979 Olds Cutlass Calais 307


This car had a 1972 307 chevy engine with a Holley 600 and a turbo 350 trans. Body was super clean and the frame was solid. This car was a lot of fun to own & drive.

1986 Chevy S10 Blazer 4x4


Not sure what I was thinking when I bought this piece of crap. With its pathetic little 2.8 motor, this was easily the most underpowered vehicle I was ever foolish enough to buy.

1978 Olds Cutlass Supreme


Ah, back to the A/G bodies. Even with a 260, it had twice the power of my old Blazer. This car also had some mighty unique "Egyptian Hieroglyphics" inspired custom seat coverings installed by a previous owner.

1984 Chevy Monte Carlo CL


My first Monte. It was an Arizona car, super clean, and with a 305. But alas, an uninsured drunk driver slammed into me and in an instant, cost me $2100. Bought for 3K, sold for $900 needing front clip, hood, trunk, rear bumper.

1979 Olds Cutlass Calais 260


Yup, a second 79 Calais. The black paint on this puppy was mirror like. Absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, the frame rusted out and the rear bumper dropped right to the ground (while parked, thank heaven).

1984 Pontiac Gran Prix 305


Found this 305 G body with 215K miles on the clock for $1500. With buckets, console, the OD trans and all power accessories, this was a nice car for long trips. Probably would've kept it if I hadn't found my next car:

1985 Chevy Monte Carlo SS


My continuing desire to own and build a chevy V8 powered G body led me to one car. The fourth generation Monte Carlo SS (1983-88). Classic lines, a full frame chassis, and an engine bay anxious to host any small or big block chevy engine I like.

1986 Chevy Monte Carlo LS


The "Blue Bomber". To keep the SS off the streets in winter I bought this car. With a 305 and 200-4R trans, it was decent alternate transportation. But the body really started rusting apart at the end.

1998 Pontiac Grand Am GT


A worthy replacement for the Blue Bomber, this car is much better in snow, and gets twice the mileage.


1998 Chevy Blazer


Yes, another Blazer, lol. Wanted something with more room. This one's got a 4.3 vortec engine. They've come a long way since '86.

2003 Chevy TrailBlazer


Yup, a third Blazer. The '98 was getting tired and this one was much nicer. Was a great fit until I needed something that got better mileage.

2015 Chevy Equinox


An awesome little SUV! Drives excellent, great styling, inside and out, more than enough room to haul around all my band gear and still knock down 30+ mpg highway!

2020 Chevy Equinox


Upgraded to a new Equinox! Lots of nice options and gadgets in the new ones. The pint sized 1.5 liter engine is turbo charged and intercooled and pulls pretty hard for a little 4 banger!

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