Interior mods

The Autometer Sport Comp vertical gauge trio is much more accurate than the old stock gauges. I ran a 1/8 copper line for the mechanical oil gauge. Since the temp gauge is mechanical also, it shows the engine temp whether the engine is running or not. I prefer the Grant Challenger steering wheel over the big ol' stock wheel. A Pioneer CD deck w/detachable face plays thru Sony 4x10 rears and MTX 3" fronts.

A B&M Megashifter keeps the transmission in the right gear at the right time at the 1/4 mile track. Since I removed the mechanical linkage connecting the OEM shifter to the column, I had to install two switches on the B&M shifter. One switch to act as a park and neutral safety switch (need this to pass tech at the track too). And one switch to trigger the back-up lights. The park/neutral safety switch also required using a standard 12 volt, 30 amp relay inline on the purple starter solenoid wire. The back-up light switch wiring was spliced into the existing back-up light wiring which connects to the OEM back-up light switch on the column (blue arrow in the pic below). The two back-up light wires on my 1985 SS are light green & blue. I probably didn't have to remove the column to do it, but it's much easier to get at everything under there with the column out.


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