Odds 'n' ends

Spring 2003, a few new goodies. First, an MSD 6AL ignition box went in. Using the MSD adapter part # 8875, it was pretty easy. I did have to extend the tach wire to the MSD box though. The box is mounted on the driver side inner fender:

The MSD 6AL box also has a built in rev limiter, just in case ;)

Next up, 2 more AutoMeter Sport Comp gauges. An air fuel mixture gauge and a fuel pressure gauge. I bought a Lotek Gauge Pods 3 gauge A-pillar replacement. It comes in black (or painted gray), but I needed dark maroon. I checked with 2 body shops and they quoted me $50 & $70 to paint it. Ouch. So I had a custom color quart of paint made up locally ($7) and bought a spray can of  plastic primer ($4) and painted it myself. It turned out pretty decent:

Next, I installed the sending unit for the electric fuel pressure gauge. It almost looks like a Nitrous solenoid. The sending unit comes with a nice weather pack connector:


Then I installed the gauges in the new A-pillar and wired them up:

And finally, installed the new A-pillar:

The fuel pressure gauge is the one with the orange needle. The air fuel mixture gauge on the bottom has a series of 20 LEDs going from red (lean) through yellow (stoichiometric) to green (rich). Overall, I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. I bought the extra gauge hole cover from Lotek with the A-pillar. I figured someday I'll be glad to have the extra spot available for another gauge.


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