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My 1985 Monte Carlo SS

Latest news: I put all of the a/c stuff back in!  "Coolin off"

My website originally started as a single web page and an easy way to share pictures of projects on my Monte SS.  Over ten years have passed since then, and it's grown to over two dozen web pages covering various Monte Carlo projects with links for each page below.

By Lake Michigan  

This is my 85 Monte Carlo SS at one of my favorite places by Lake Michigan.  I like to cruise the parkway along the Lake any time the opportunity arises.  I've owned my Monte SS since 1996, and since I live in Wisconsin, I only drive it from about April thru November.  Over each winter though, I have plenty of time to give it a few upgrades.  Here's a picture of the 383 engine currently under the hood:

When I have time, I like to take it to the 1/4 mile track too:

Upgrades & Projects

Link Date


305 engine 3-97 The 305 gets some new fresh parts.
Posi unit 9-97 An Auburn Pro posi unit helps to get a grip.
377 engine 3-98 Why'd they ever put a 305 in there anyway?
Interior mods 7-98 Autometer gauges, B&M shifter, Grant wheel.
408 engine   3-99 More stroke + more cubic inches = gobs of torque.
Electric fan 2-00 Why not free up some more power?
Turbo 400   2-00 Uh-oh, the stock 200-4R wasn't meant to go this fast.
AFR Heads 8-00 Added some smokin' cylinder heads, hang on!
Cam swap #1 3-02 A new Comp Cams grind for the 408.
Odds 'n' Ends 6-03 An MSD 6AL box and 2 more Autometer gauges.
408 R.I.P. 7-03 The 408 busts a rod.
383 engine 9-03 A 383 stroker for the Monte.
200-4R 7-05 Back to a 200-4R overdrive transmission.
8.5" Rear end 5-07 An upgrade to a larger, stronger rear end.
Cam swap #2 5-08 Another cam swap, and then some...
A/C install 4-10 Reinstalling the air conditioning.

Other stuff



Monte Nationals 2009 Pictures from the 2009 Monte Carlo Nationals near St. Louis.
Monte Nationals 2010 Pictures from the 2010 Monte Carlo Nationals in Richmond, Indiana
Specifications Current specifications of the 383 with picture links.
Videos A nice smoky burnout, the best garage ever, and other car vids.
1/4 mile racing 1/4 mile track times from the 305, 377, 408 and 383.
Dyno graphs Dyno charts for the 383 & 408 with torque & hp.
400 Rear main 400 small block chevy rear main seal issues.
Parts for sale Several GM service manuals (Helms) and an after cat Y-pipe assy that fits 4th gen Montes with a 4 bolt cat flange.
Q-jet Air Valve tip A great way to make air valve tuning a breeze.
Previous Vehicles Pics and comments about the 12 13 14 15 16 17 different vehicles I've owned.
CR Calculator My own compression ratio calculator.
Speedo Gears 200-4R Figure out which speedometer gears you need for that tire or rear gear swap.

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